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About Us

Who we are and what we do



Paignton and District Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to supporting and promoting the interests of local businesses and organisations, We are an organisation run by the Members for the Members.

Our membership comprises a diverse and broad range of businesses in the Paignton area, from small sole trader companies through to many of the largest employers in the Paignton area.

A varied programme of events is organised, which is aimed at informing members and providing opportunities for them to network &  develop business contacts.

The Chamber will continue working on behalf of its members to improve the commercial prosperity of the town and surrounding areas to the mutual benefit of members and the community. We do this by collaboration with other like minded organisations and public sector bodies giving us the opportunity to be the voice of business for the Paignton area

We are also proud accredited members of the Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and the guidance and greater business information this gives us.

Our Executive Committee

Chair                                        Sally Cope                 Koru Connections

Vice Chair/Marketing            Maureen Frost         Astrality Business Services

Secretary                                 Karen Lowrie            Little Ant Insurance

Membership Liaison               Fee White                  The Hospitality Angel


We are seeking a Treasurer – please email info@paigntonchamber.co.uk if you think you could fulfil this role


We issue a regular newsletter to members and those who request to join our mailing list please email info@paigntonchamber.co.uk if you would like to rceeive this